Why the music business is similar to a restaurant.

I’ll jump right in here. Lets say for example there’s dish you make that your friends and family love. You’ve perfected it over the years and every time you have a dinner party or go to a pot luck dinner your dish is requested. Inevitably someone will say to you..”You should open a restaurant”.

Being a musician is similar, you’ve perfected your craft either on an instrument or as a vocalist or song writer and very often all of the above.  But it’s not enough, you need certain things in place to make your music a business.

Let’s go back to the restaurant your friends and relatives want you to open.

First you need a location for the restaurant, then you need the kitchen equipment, then you need tables, chairs, dishes, silverware, napkins, glassware. Then you need to decorate the space. Then you need a menu , a theme for the restaurant [it is vegetarian, a steak house, a sushi bar??] Next you need to stock up on supplies both perishable and dry goods like spices. Then you need to get electricity and gas accounts. Then you need to hire and train staff. Then you need to advertise including a sign, awning, neon etc. Then you need to print menus…..and so on, you get the point.

Friends and family loving your music is not enough you need to create a business with a logo, website,advertising, bank account, well recorded music and videos, band name, Someway to sell your music, photos, and very importantly image and costumes [not sure what else to call it but you really shouldn’t look like you walked in off the street].

Then you will have a chance of making music and money in the new world order.

When you do a show or someone watches your video you connect to them and hopefully gain a fan.

So do you want to open a restaurant??

I think you should.