Using cliches in songwriting.

I have an allergy to cliches and as a result have devised an analogy to explain their function [or lack of] in songwriting. I took an orange and cut it in half and placed it on the countertop.

What you see is the 2 hemispheres, fruit side down and rind side up.

I pick up the first one and turn it over to reveal the juicy fruit and seeds. Then the second one gets turned over to reveal that the fruit and juice has been sucked out and removed and all you see is the white underside of the rind.

Both halves look identical but only one will give you nourishment.

A cliché is an overused string of words where the meaning and ability to convey ideas is missing. The emotional fruit has been picked over countless times leaving an empty bitter  shell.  It looks like something but the ideas have been taken out.

It’s time to step up your game as a songwriter. Listen to and read lyrics by some of the great writers and compare your writing. Reading lyrics can be a real revelation and can lead to the understanding that lyrics should be able to stand on their own, separate from a musical context.


Keep writing….7 orange cup rolls