Song submission and songwriting.

Got an e-mail from someone who will remain anonymous, regarding submitting an xmas song to my xmas compilation. Now I thought to my self, this person has heard my xmas songs and has a similar twisted, dark sense of humor. They also tell me that they’ve won an award one year for another song. Interest getting higher! I get the song and realize that they have not heard my music because the song is a schmaltzy ,sugary confection of cliches. Recorded, played and sung well but that’s it. They even rhymed “Waiting with anticipating” [ a super overused rhyme]. Not sure what to say to his person. Context is all important followed by content. Never good enough to re arrange cliches [they are still weak and lazy building blocks]. You need to deconstruct and write with your personal voice, give us something in a way that we wouldn’t have thought of. Listen to Daniel Johnston for inspiration. Here’s someone who has a unique and PERSONAL take on life and as a result is evocative and fascinating to listen to.