High quality recording in the modern age.


Allen & Heath all discrete mixer

High quality recording in the modern age.

We offer vintage recording quality using a mix of vintage and modern high end gear.

All analog front end into high end Pro Tools/Lynx Aurora recording system.

Vintage and custom mic preamps: Neve, Telefunken, Altec, Helios, ADM, Matrix audio Systems.

Vintage and custom modified compressors” SSL, DBX, Gates Broadcast, Urei, JBL, Aphex, MXR, Marti, Valley People

Vintage mics: AKG, Sennheiser, Advanced Audio, Chameleon Labs. Shure. Echolette, Crown, Beyer

Tube amps: Fender. Gibson. Harmony, Traynor

Keys, Hammond/Leslie, Wurlitzer, Roland, Casio

Guitars, Fender , Gibson, Silvertone/Danelectro

FX: over 75 vintage pedals including Univibe, echoplex, Marshall, Fuzzrface, Big muff, Vox Wah

Mutron etc.