Super 70 Recording Studio / Gearlist


Hybrid analog/digital recording in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.

We have gathered a good amount of vintage and custom gear for recording and mixing that is the best gear of the 50′ 60’s and 70’s [the golden age of recording]

Vintage Console:

Customized 1974 Allen & Heath Mod 2,  16 channel analog/discrete console. Dorrough 40a [ broadcast meter bridge]


Matrix Audio systems Custom monitor system with Bryston amplifier and

BSS crossover system

Genelec 1030a [powered monitors]  

Auratone [Vintage pair]


Neve [ from Decca records studio in London ]    

Altec tube [ from Sigma Sound Philadelphia]

Helios [from Rolling stones Mobile truck]

ADM broadcast

Custom Boutique preamps

Matrix Audio Systems T-02 and H-03 prototypes

Vintage Compressors 

Gates sa 39 [1950’s tube broadcast compressor]

DBX 160 VU pair  1970’s

Symetrix 150  [2]

Ashly SC 50 [Blueface]   [2]

Shure mixersr with Level Loc compressors [3]

Valley People Dyna-Mite [Stereo pair]

Modern compressors

Bellari 582 [2 stereo units modified]

SSL G [custom built from all original parts]

Vintage Equalizers

Neve  [pair from 1980’s console]

Audio Arts Parametric [stereo pair]

Shure  SR 107  [discrete pair]

Pro Tools 8HD 3  -Lynx Aurora -16 Black Lion Micro clock II-

digidesign 192 I/o  for custom 5 channel headphone mix with Furman HDS-6 at 4 locations in studio.


AMR Large diaphragm tube mic

Sennheiser 409 [2]

Oktava ML19 Ribbon Mic 1970’s [2]

AKG D19e

AKG D12 [Beatles snare mic}

Ev Nd868

Vintage tube amps for guitar and bass and a great guitar collection for any sound and style of music. Incuding 75 guitar pedals , tube reverbs and tape delays.

Great keyboards, Hammond, Leslie, Wurlitzer and some cool virtual Mellotrons as well.

Vintaqe drums in a good sounding drum booth with custom built acoustic treatments.

Acoustically treated room for critical listening and mixing.

Experienced engineering and production including a list of top session players, can put your project over the top and under budget!