Dawn of a new era

I’s a tumultuous time. A time of spectacular failures of institutions once considered rock solid. Banks, investment firms and car companies have all fallen victim to greed and mismanagement of their dysfucntional business models. And major record labels are about to fail as well. The old templates for commerce are based on the concept of scarcity and unlimited profits above all else. They pushed this concept to the limit and failed, taking many people’s savings and investments with them. Old school scam artists in modern drag like Bernard Madoff and his network of thieves, played upon peoples’ greed to the tune of over 50 Billion dollars. More lives affected and more uncertain futures. Car companies, who 25 years ago remained unconscious of the influx of well made smaller Japanese cars, are now bankrupt and still wondering where they went wrong. No longer able to shove huge, vaguely militaristic [or in the case of the Hummer, converted military] vehicles down America’s throats. Billions spent on advertising SUVs only slightly smaller than the mighty titanic! Record labels manipulating the charts by throwing money at a record to make sales climb [you don’t still think it’s a meritocracy, do you?]. Radio promoters pushing songs to radio station costs a lot of $$. Advertising an artist is expensive. Bribery, extortion and even violence have always been part of the business of music promotion. The point I’m making is the old templates of doing business are all failing as they’re built on outmoded models. Morality, community, abundance and networking have never been a part of corporate charters or corporate culture. We have an amazing opportunity to sail in uncharted waters and create new models of business and living based on morality,community and abundance. Where music creation is honored and rewarded [and not by boring fake awards shows on TV].

It’s a new world order [don’t kid yourself the rich and powerful corporations will still hang on and try to relive the past but we finally have a foothold.]