The H-F word

The H-F word This is the spot where I get to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ve had many in depth conversations with engineers, producers and musicians about music and recoding and as a result have picked up quite a few ideas that can help you be more productive, save money and …

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Building relationships

Building relationships Building relationships is one of the most important skills in the studio business. You can be highly experienced, have the best gear, have good advertising etc. but if your personality turns off people, what good is all the other stuff? Awareness of what your potential clients are looking for should be your first …

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Dawn of a new era

I’s a tumultuous time. A time of spectacular failures of institutions once considered rock solid. Banks, investment firms and car companies have all fallen victim to greed and mismanagement of their dysfucntional business models. And major record labels are about to fail as well. The old templates for commerce are based on the concept of …

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