Hudson Valley recording studio. Amazing and affordable.

Vintage Analog Mixing console, Discrete

1974 allen & Heath Mod 2…. The analog heart of the studio


Jimi Looks over the drum corner

Jimi Looks over the drum corner

Neve and Audioarts eq's and a lonely 1176

Neve and Audioarts eq’s and a lonely 1176

                                                        Hudson Valley recording studio. Some of the best gear in the valley..


Hudson Valley Recording studio

High Quality 95% analog recording in Beacon New York.

Dutchess County Recording studio.

New York city style recording studio at affordable rates in a unique private setting. Analog /

digital recording studio. Old School located in an old school! Music productions services.

Mixing , mastering, Video editing. Image and career consultation. Comfortable , clean and excellent sounds. We have gathered  some of the best gear for recording from the 60’s to the 70’s and some custom built for us. Over 15 amazing compressors, 18 channels of preamps including tube and solid state. Neve Decca Paris preamps, Helios preamps, alter Tube preamps [Sigma sound Philadelphia] 1974 all discrete 16 channel mixing board for huge sounding mixes. acoustically treated. 1 block from restaurants and local music store Main street Beacon. We love both rock and roll and acoustic music and experimental insanity. Jazz and blues and what ever you can think of.